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Welcome to the State of Texas’ online election training portal

pollworker2Protecting the integrity of our elections starts with the hard working local officials and citizens working hand-in-hand to conduct and observe the voting processes to ensure they are fair and are undertaken in accordance with the law. Through this portal, you can complete the necessary training program to become a knowledgeable and efficient Election Judge or Clerk, as well as the necessary training to become a certified Poll Watcher on behalf of a candidate, political party, or specific-purpose political action committee.

The courses for both Poll Worker Training and Poll Watcher Training are divided into modules consisting of 2-6 lessons each. During the courses, you will be able to start, stop and return to the point where you left off, and skip from lesson to lesson until fully completed. At the end of each course, you must answer the exam questions to verify you understand the material.

Upon completing the courses, you will be able to print a certificate indicating that you have completed the Secretary of State’s training. Poll watchers who complete the Poll Watcher Training must present their certificate of completion to the presiding judge at the polling place in order to be accepted as a poll watcher.

Thank you for helping ensure elections in Texas remain fair, credible, and something of which all Texans can be proud.


Jane Nelson
Secretary of State


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